BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A winter storm is brewing across New England, and Maryland travelers are already affected.

As Christie Ileto explains, the snow is halting air and ground travel.

It may not be snowing here in Maryland, but travelers are being stopped dead in their tracks because of blizzard-like conditions happening miles away.

While New England braces for snowstorm Nemo, Maryland travelers are trying to dodge it.

“Right now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed, we’ll see what happens. I have a feeling I’m going to be spending the night in Cincinnati,” said Dan Adams.

Blizzard-like conditions are bringing the Northeast to an utter halt.

“I just talked to my dad and he said that it’s snowing pretty bad,” said Erika Flaschner.

And passenger Erika Flaschner is hoping it won’t keep her from getting home to Buffalo, N.Y.

“I’m just checking right now, so far it’s on time,” she said.

Others thought moving up their flights would help them avoid getting stuck.

“I moved my flight and the second one is delayed,” another passenger said.

“The airlines, particularly these days, really cancel flights ahead of storms,” said Jonathan Dean, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

By midday Friday, BWI Marshall had canceled 33 incoming flights and 43 outgoing flights to the Northeast. More than 30 had been delayed.

“Originally headed to Stamford, but can’t get to Stamford so I’m going to New York,” said Claire Shaughnessy.

And frustrations are mounting at Penn Station, because travel by train isn’t any easier.

“All the trains are not going past New York as of 10 this morning,” she said.

But it was for Marcela Cabello.

“I’m glad I made it out so I could see everyone I was coming to see,” she said.

She left Ithaca at the crack of dawn, barely making it out before the storm hit.

If you’re heading north, assume you could have trouble and consider all your options.

Amtrak is suspending its service between New York and Boston, and many airlines have canceled flights through Saturday.