(Photo by Ryan S. Burkett / RSB Photography)

(Photo by Ryan S. Burkett / RSB Photography)

It has taken me a full week for the Super Bowl to set in but the Tuesday Ravens Super Bowl Parade that seemingly spanned the entire city of Baltimore was a magical experience, at least to me, that blew me out of the water right away.

That said to many outside of town they had a very different feeling about two hundred thousand people scratching, clawing and climbing to catch a glimpse of the their Super Bowl Champ Ravens. Some say “Look at these people, climbing the stadium, breaking in for the celebration.” Some say there were “too many people, too much chaos, and no organization.”

I say what a beautiful show of raw emotion, praise and celebration for something that means so much to a community. It makes one wonder what it would take for others outside of Baltimore to appreciate what the Ravens mean to the city and what the city means to the Ravens. This is not a one sided love affair, talking with players, coaches and people in the organization they love Baltimore as much as Baltimore loves them. It’s a true mutual love and the open parade showed both sides of that love. The team looked as excited as the couple hundred thousand that flooded downtown.

See images from inside M&T Bank Stadium on the field here: Super Bowl XLVII Victory Parade – A Fan’s Perspective

Team officials said that next time they may issue free tickets to the stadium but that will only limit the outpouring, in my opinion. Why limit things, for the sake of safety, security & organization?  Sure it makes sense but it takes away from the raw feelings we all were a part of Tuesday after the Super Bowl victory. That’s the thing I loved, the shots and raw emotion the city showed. The pictures and video of fans climbing M&T Bank Stadium were beautiful to me, scary to some, but a special story and memory for those who got in to see the team in that special entrance.

It was a special run the team went on, a special parade the city and team held and an even more special memory for us all to have.

Be proud Baltimore, of your team and of your fans.  That Tuesday we were one in celebration.

Baltimore the Beautiful.

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