BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s the final rush for candy, flowers and even jewelry if you’re lucky. Local retailers are welcoming a boost in business ahead of the holiday.

Kai Jackson explains this could be a record year in Valentine’s sales.

Red, chocolate and flowers have come to symbolize Valentine’s Day and so has green, for all the money the day generates.

They’re shopping and trying to make last-minute decisions. Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the procrastinator in many people.

It’s a time for love and romance.

“It’s good for people that have someone to share it with,” said Sophia Braverman.

But according to retailers, Valentine’s Day is also an economic juggernaut, generating some $18.6 billion this year alone.

The National Retail Federation says men will spend an average of $175 on their significant other. Women will spend an average of $88.

“After Christmas, the number one holiday is Valentine’s Day,” said Mike Baum, the owner of Greetings & Readings.

Baum says they count on the red to keep them in the black.

“Chocolates is tremendous and they usually add it with some gift,” Baum said.

Don’t let the business of Valentine’s Day fool you. Those out shopping for a loved one or a sweetheart say it’s still all about love.

“I’m excited. I’m waiting for my big surprise. I don’t know what I’m going to get,” said Sharon Grant.

“I have a wonderful wife and so happy to spend something for her,” said Kevin Goode.

Analysts say shoppers are budget-conscious. Many are taking advantage of sales and coupons to get a good Valentine’s Day deal.


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