ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The speed camera controversy makes its way to hearings in Annapolis, where some lawmakers are taking the state to task over irregularities in the program.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains not everyone is willing to admit it needs fixing.

Caught on camera and made to pay.

“It blew my mind to get three tickets like that,” said one driver.

But even with the admission of inaccuracies, supporters told the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee the cameras should stay.

“This system has saved lives,” said one testifying.

In the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, Senator Brian Frosh asked an opponent if it was worth it just to save one life.

“Take all our cars away; that’ll save a life,” said one.

For months, WJZ has been asking drivers about speed camera tickets.

“I actually just pay them,” said Tanya Anderson.

Senator E.J. Pipkin has a bill to repeal the law that allows them.

“Really not that much except Big Brother is watching,” said Pipkin.

The committee also heard a bill sponsored by Baltimore County Senator James Brochin, who says he believes the city is cashing in with unreliable ticketing.

“I want to make this about what the intent was supposed to be: public safety,” said Brochin.

Baltimore Delegate Jon Cardin is also proposing changes.

Thursday, the committee will vote on the death penalty repeal and the governor’s gun control bill.