(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Jason La Canfora joined “Last Call with Mark Zinno” on Wednesday night to cover the Ravens off season and just give an overall perspective of the National Football landscape. Among topics covered were the Flacco contract dispute, Darrelle Revis speaking about the Jets and the way they handle their business and finally the NFL Scouting Combine. You can listen to the full interview right here! Follow Zinno on twitter @MarkZinno.

Ravens and Joe Flacco’s representative are supposed to meet later this week at the combine. Joe Linta, Flacco’s agent, wants to have the deal done just as much as the Ravens do. It makes sense to get it done. Now that Joe Flacco has established himself the dealings are obviously going to be more complex and complicated. Not as easy as being a couple million off and just settling this time around. Jason talks about how if you asked 100 NFL people about Joe Flacco a year ago, you would have gotten many mixed responses. Now, Jason says, you wouldn’t get that. He could have very realistically been in back to back Super Bowls and won them both.

Rule changes are discussed as well. NFL league meetings will most likely change a few things. No more challenge flag unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, no more blocks below the waist, field certification guidelines to maintain quality fields throughout the year (citing FedEx Field in the playoffs). There may be testing for HGH and the guidelines for that testing.

Concussions are another topic that will be discussed all off season. the NFLPA (Players Association) will have to start seeking more protection for themselves.

Roger Goodell is all about protecting the players and that may be the ONE thing Zinno agrees with him on. The gameplay will change and there will have to be certain protocols for penalties and fines. There are so many topics that fall under concussions and prevention and the way the game is played that need to be looked at in the off season. Things keep changing but it’s still the same field of play. The same violent game that it has always been. You may never be able to take concussions out of the game.


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