CAPE ST. CLAIRE, Md. (WJZ) — Weapons and drugs are seized during a police crackdown near an Anne Arundel County high school.

People who live near Broadneck High say crime is spilling out from the school and into the neighborhood.

Meghan McCorkell has the violence caught on tape.

It was video of a fight that was posted on YouTube that led to that police crackdown, but it’s an issue neighbors say they have been complaining about for years.

A fight is caught on tape in the neighborhood right behind Broadneck High School in Cape St. Claire. It’s a place students call “the pit.”

“I do know drug deals go on there and they smoke and they cut class,” a neighbor told WJZ.

Neighbors say as soon as school lets out, students swarm that intersection. Now police are cracking down, picking up patrols.

On Tuesday, a 23-year-old man and two teen girls were arrested after an officer found five knives, drugs and drug paraphernalia inside their car.

“We’re moving, hopefully soon, because I’m just done with it,” said Jeanne Garrett.

Garrett says–even with heightened patrols–she still feels unsafe.

“We still have mobs of kids, we still have fights. They won’t move out of the street,” she said.

It was January of last year when another teen had to be airlifted to the hospital after another fight in this same exact intersection. Council Dick Ladd asked for increased patrols after receiving multiple complaints from the community.

“They’d like to have a nice quiet, peaceful neighborhood and we’re working on it,” Ladd said.

The school is also reaching out to parents. In a letter obtained by WJZ, the principal writes:

“I am asking for your help in addressing this matter with your children and reinforcing with them the consequences that can arise from congregating and loitering around houses in areas just off our campus.”

Police have issued 13 citations in that area in the past month. They plan to continue increased patrols.

Broadneck High School has reassigned some staff to the back driveway of the school to keep an eye on kids in that area.


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