BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Morgan State University faces a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving the student who admitted to killing and eating his roommate.

Gigi Barnett has details on the lawsuit.

Former Morgan State University student Alexander Kinyua–charged with killing and eating the organs of a family friend–was a danger to everyone on campus. That’s what this multi-million dollar lawsuit against Morgan State claims.

“This would have never happened had they taken action,” said attorney Steve Silverman.

Silverman filed the lawsuit this week. His client is Joshua Caesar–a former Morgan student–also assaulted by Kinyua in May of last year.

Caesar says Kinyua attacked him with a bat wrapped in chains and barbed wire. The beating left him with permanent damage.

“The barbed wire went into my head an inch and a half deep and it hit my optic nerve,” said Caesar. “Morgan had numerous, numerous signs.”

According to the lawsuit, those signs started back in the fall of 2011, when Kinyua went on a violent tirade in the university’s ROTC computer lab. Students reported that Kinyua punched holes in the walls and began yelling at them.

One of Kinyua’s professors called him “an unusually angry person” and a “Virginia Tech waiting to happen.”

“Any due diligence of his Facebook page, of the things in his room, of what was going on with him clearly would have told any responsible administration that they have to protect the students,” said Silverman.

The lawsuit tracks Kinyua’s strange behavior months before–and weeks after–Caesar’s attack. Like the night he was seen wielding a machete on campus. The suit also refers to Kinyua’s unusual outburst at a university forum, where he talked about human blood sacrifices.

And just days after Caesar’s attack, Kinyua allegedly dismembered and ate body parts of family friend, Kujoe Agyei-Kodie.

“Morgan State is as culpable as Kinyua,” Silverman said.

In December Kinyua pleaded guilty to attacking Caesar and was sentenced to a state mental hospital. A judge found him unfit to stand trial.

Meanwhile, Caesar is now a student at Towson University, but with high medical bills and being blind in one eye, he says he’s struggling to complete his studies.

WJZ contacted Morgan State for comment on the lawsuit, but the university said it does not discuss pending lawsuits.


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