BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Last year the mayor issued an executive order requiring businesses signing deals with the city worth over $50,000 to contact the city about hiring city workers.

Now, as Mike Schuh explains, the city is expanding the service to any business in town.

With 450 employees, you wouldn’t think that the sugar giant would have any trouble attracting job seekers at its Inner Harbor location.

But Domino Sugars human resources director Nicole Copeland says they do.

“And finding that skilled labor has been difficult for us,” Copeland said.

So she and decision makers at other city businesses were made aware of a new initiative called Employ Baltimore.

“This is for all businesses, regardless if they have a contract with the city or an award. We want businesses to know that Baltimore has a qualified workforce,” said Karen Sitnick, Mayor’s Office of Employment.

With help from the city, Copeland filled 14 positions and is looking for help with 20 more.

“So for us, we are working with the mayor’s office to try to find talent, and they have been great at bringing us new opportunities, people we weren’t able to reach three years ago,” Copeland said.

This city worker connection started small, but Tuesday the mayor announced an expansion.

“You don’t need to go far to find the workforce for you. It’s right here in Baltimore, where our residents are indeed ready to work for you,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

So the goal is to help thousands of city residents and hundreds of city businesses.

The city also is offering businesses help in setting up their own job fairs to attract qualified city workers.


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