BALTIMORE (WJZ) — More changes at the airport. This time, the TSA is loosening rules about what passengers are permitted to bring on board a flight. The latest change has some passengers worried.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the controversy.

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The TSA is making this announcement, and many are wondering why they would make such a decision that could put passengers and the flight crew at risk.

Knives on a plane. It’s unthinkable for some passengers at BWI Airport.

“It’s kind of dangerous I think,” a passenger said.

In a shocking announcement, TSA says effective April 25 small knives will be allowed through security. Passengers say the decision makes them uneasy to fly.

“I will be suspicious of anybody I’m sitting next to having a pocketknife,” said Jim Skillen.

Many referenced the 9/11 attacks in which terrorists used box cutters to take over the planes, leading to the tragic deaths of thousands.

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“What I don’t understand is what’s the difference between a box  cutter and a pocket knife? Seems like they can both do the same type of damage,” said Suzanne Jarisjo.

The change in policy came after an internal TSA work group said the knives presented no real danger, and surprisingly, some passengers agree.

“I don’t think a teeny little blade is going to cause so much damage,” a passenger said.

In order to make it through security, the blade must be less than 2.36″ and no wider than half an inch. Some say they can think of items other than knives that should be allowed through security again, such as bottled water.

“Yeah, that would be nice especially on those long flights. Better than those little cups,” said Larry Hill.

The new changes also allow golf clubs, hockey sticks and souvenir baseball bats as carry-ons.

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Flight attendants and some airlines are protesting the new changes.