Colder air is moving into Maryland, creating clouds and spotty showers as it arrives.

The sun angle is getting higher this time of year. So when it mixes with a cold air mass at the ground, it forces upward motion to the point that clouds form – and even showers if there is enough contrast in the air mass. That’s what we are seeing Wednesday. The clouds and showers will break up later Wednesday afternoon and evening, as the colder air settles in. Highs in the low 50s Wednesday will drop to the low 40s Thursday.

This round of colder air is not going to last long. Highs will get closer to 50 Saturday. However, another cold front will follow Saturday with clouds and some showers. It’s a quick mover and will be gone for St. Patrick’s Day, just as another one moves our way from the southwest. There could be a shower on Sunday, with a better chance for rain on Monday.


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