BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A highly contagious disease is spreading on a Baltimore college campus.

An outbreak of the mumps virus is confirmed at Loyola University Maryland.

Kai Jackson has the health department’s warning.

The mumps outbreak has the university and medical experts trying to contain it, and students concerned about their health.

Loyola University Maryland is reporting that more than a dozen students have contracted the mumps or may have a suspected case of the mumps. News of the outbreak has spread quickly across campus.

“I’ve heard of a few instances on Facebook of some friends that I know,” said Sean Carney, senior.

According to the university, the cases began in mid-February. Apparently those infected are both on and off campus students.

Mumps is a virus that causes painful inflammation and swelling of the saliva glands.

“It’s just symptomatic treatment with the aches and pains and fever. And there is not a use for antibiotics in this case. It typically resolves in about one to three weeks,” said Dr. Patrick Chaulk.

Students say the university notified them last week during their spring break.

“We received a few emails from the campus, telling us how, like what symptoms to look out for that there have been reported cases. It was really nice to receive the information, just to be aware of,” said Megan Lee, senior.

Health officials say an outbreak of mumps is rare because of the vaccine that exists.That vaccine is a requirement for enrollment at the university.

“I got the vaccine, so I’m nervous that I could still get it cause most cases the people were on it. So you just have to wash your hands constantly and be aware of what’s going on,” said Chantal Celestin, junior.

The city health department says it’s working closely with Loyola, the state health department and the CDC regarding this outbreak of mumps.


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