BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Catholics around the world continue to celebrate Pope Francis, including here in Baltimore.

Mary Bubala spoke with the head of Baltimore’s Archdiocese about this moment in church history.

Baltimore Archbishop William Lori told WJZ he’s inspired by the new pope. In an exclusive interview, Lori says Pope Francis should impact everyone, not just Catholics.

“He’s presented himself as a man of holiness, humility, of faith, of love and service to the poor,” he said.

Bubala: “What do you personally think will be the biggest change that Pope Francis will bring to the Vatican and the religion?”

Archbishop Lori: “A strong voice for faith, a strong voice for compassion and for justice in the world and someone who’s going to also be an example of what it means to tackle challenges.”

But Pope Francis, the first Jesuit ever elected to the papacy, is not expected to change the conservative doctrine of the Catholic church–even as people are calling for change.

Bubala: “Will he open his heart to same-sex couples or a bigger role for women in the church?”

Archbishop Lori: “He will not depart from the church’s teaching, but he will emphasize the church’s teaching which underlines the inherent dignity of every person. Every man, of every woman.”

Pope Francis is known for his humble ways, so far shunning the lavish life of the Vatican for a simpler way. Archbishop Lori says that will definitely rub off.

“I pointed out that while he takes the bus to work, I walk to work. Of course, I only live one block away,” he said. “The style of a Holy Father does have an effect on all of us, of course we look to him as our Shepherd, as our leader.”

Lori will have a chance to meet the holy father in a private audience in Rome sometime this year.

Another mass of thanksgiving for the new pope is set for this Sunday at Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. It starts at 11 a.m.


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