I sat and waited for the main event Saturday night along with countless others as I enjoyed a very entertaining under card during UFC 158.


I thoroughly enjoyed Hendricks – Condit and think it may be one of the most exciting fights I have ever seen in the octagon.

As you probably know I am an unabashed GSP fan so despite the methodical nature he went about winning his fight over Nick Diaz I am simply happy to see Georges’ hand raised at the end of a fight and don’t care what critics say about him simply protecting his brand. You say boring I say he’s smart.

However, the most interesting part of the evening was watching Nick Diaz in every way. He taunted GSP, called him a bitch, tried to goad him into a brawl all to no avail. Diaz punched after the bell more than once and was his usual awful self inside the cage.

Yeaaahh, it wasn’t the fact that Georges won that made me smile, nor the fact that Diaz talked trash all night while he was being OWNED which was nothing short of ridiculous.

Nope it was the fact that after the match he revealed that on camera that he has never paid taxes in his life. The idea that the most frightening three letter agency (IRS) in the United States will now be a big part of his life made me laugh out loud. And I don’t mean the silly LOL of social media I mean I laughed out freaking loud.

Although I must admit that I feel a tiny bit sorry for Nick because while he blurted out the fact that he’s a tax evader with the innocence of a child, the feds don’t have much of a sense of humor. But then again Diaz and all the other folks that don’t pay their taxes don’t deserve pity they deserve the full wrath of the federal government because for every person that does not pay tax it means that the rest of us that do must make up for their missing contributions.

So I guess my take away from the whole evening was screw him and enjoy federal prison.


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