BALTIMORE (WJZ)— It’s a celebration of food, fun and family. It’s Greek Week in Baltimore.

As Ron Matz reports the colorful celebration includes a variety of activities in Greektown and beyond.

The Greek Independence Day parade is Sunday. From the Acropolis to Ikaros to Eastern Avenue, Greece is proudly showing its colors. It’s Greek Week in Baltimore.

“We are proud of our heritage and we want other people to enjoy it too. We have good food and good music and we have a lot of good culture, and we want to promote it,” said Diane Homberg, chairwoman of the Baltimore-Piraeus Sister City Committee, which sponsors Baltimore Greek Week.

Fourteen restaurants and other businesses are part of the big Greek Week celebration.

Acropolis owner George Avgerinos says it’s about food but much more.

“I’m proud of my heritage. I’m second generation. I have three kids now, so I want to keep up with the culture. The unity of everybody getting together is a lot of fun. You can’t beat it,” Avgerinos said.

Greek Week is a celebration of freedom.

“Greek independence is very important to the Greek community. We are celebrating our independence from the Turks. We were under their slavery for 400 years,” said Maria Kaimakis, of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is the glue holding this community together.

“It’s very, very important to the Greek community. We believe having this church and the unity of this church keeps all of us Greek,” Kaimakis said.

And don’t forget the food!

“We have spinach pie, and it’s the best. Greek salad, lamb chops, our calamari is fresh, and it’s pan fried and not deep fried,” Avgerinos said.

Sunday’s parade begins at 2 p.m. at Eastern Avenue and Macon Street and ends at the church.

“We’ll have many groups from all over the state marching. Many will be wearing traditional Greek costumes. We will also have officials from the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland,” Kaimakis said.

“The parade is the big deal. We have military groups and church groups celebrating our independence. It’s the finale of Greek Week and we want everybody to come out and watch it,” Homberg said.

After the parade there will be dancing and food in Greektown Square. For more information, click here.


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