(Photo by Ryan S. Burkett / RSB Photography)

(Photo by Ryan S. Burkett / RSB Photography)

Harvard wins their first NCAA tournament game ever shocking 3rd seed New Mexico and Marquette barely survives with a miraculous comeback to edge Davidson, games like this put the Madness in March. The Ravens are staging their own version, the only thing missing is Dickie V and the brackets. The Castle in Owings Mills has had more out-going traffic than BWI the last two weeks. The Ravens are in the midst of their biggest roster purge since after the 2001 season.

That shrill voiced guy yelling “scorecards, lineups” outside of M&T Bank stadium next season might be the busiest man in Baltimore. If you’re scoring at home it’s Ray Lewis and Matt Burke retired. Anquan Boldin traded to the 49ers for a bag of balls. Dannell Ellerbe and Paul Kruger cashed free agent checks in Miami and Cleveland respectively. Safeties Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard were told their services were no longer needed so they left town.

The purple spin, thanks for all you’ve done for us like that pretty Lombardi trophy blah, blah,blah, blah. In reality move on we’ve used you up. This is big boy business, teams squeeze everything they can out of players then drop ’em like dirty laundry. If you don’t fit the business model it’s the highway even if you’re a Hall of Famer (Reed) or a post-season star (Boldin). Wrong player, wrong price. Get out!

It’s no different on the other side, players who talk about team and family are off and running to new team and family and top dollar when the free agency bell rings. Chris Canty and Marcus Spears arrive today maybe Elivis Dumervil tomorrow. It’s March Madness Ravens style and Ozzie and the home team have earned a top seed in the NFL bracket.

Not saying you shouldn’t root for the home team, just saying don’t get too attached to those playing for said team. One day it’s a parade, a month later it’s get out of town. Another reminder it’s a $10-billion dollar a year business, but cities like Baltimore and Cleveland should know that by now.


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