BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Our area was right on the freeze line of Monday’s storm. A few degrees either way was the difference between rain or snow.

Monique Griego reports this snow has caused headaches for some and a lot of delight for others.

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It was the spring version of a winter wonderland in Baltimore County as residents woke up to snow-covered trees and several inches on the ground.

“It’s great! I miss it,” said one resident.

“It’s spring. Supposed to be hot right now so I don’t know how to take it,” said Edwin Reyes.

After a pretty mild winter, most people thought the chance for a solid snowfall was over.

“Generally this late in the season, we don’t have much sticking,” said one resident.

But stick it did, and that had drivers dealing with some unexpected conditions.

“I saw a lot of people rushing and sliding, so not a good time to drive fast,” said Doresa Harvey.

In Baltimore City, early morning walkers braved the snow, but it wasn’t long before the roads turned to mush. As plows cleared streets and parking lots, residents worked to clear their cars–many still in disbelief.

“It’s ridiculous. Easter’s next week and it’s snowing,” said Lisa Basta.

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“I love it,” said one resident. “Better late than never, that’s what I say.”

In Howard County this spring, snowfall is all these kids have been waiting for.

“This is like a whole day of recess, only way better!” said a child.

Neighborhood kids took advantage of a free day off.

“Awesome!” said another.

So while this winter weather isn’t exactly what some were hoping the first week of spring would bring, many made the most of it.

“I just think it’s unfair, the bipolar weather,” said Matthew Burk.

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“One minute, it’s 70. Next minute it’s 30. That’s what I like about this place,” said Tim Atkinson.

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By late Monday, most of the streets in the city were pretty slushy. The county still has some sticking. People said for the most part, city trucks were out and the roads weren’t so bad.