BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It may soon cost more to park in some city-owned garages in Baltimore.

Alex DeMetrick reports the city’s parking department says it’s the cost of doing business.

Pulling in to park at any of the city-owned garages in Baltimore comes with signs spelling out the rates, but they may soon be updated. Fee increases are being proposed. At the Caroline Street garage, it would be an extra dollar a day. On Baltimore Street, it would be $3 and on West Street, a more modest $3 to $5 for monthly parking.

“If they keep the facilities well maintained, it makes good sense. I mean, you want to park someplace safe that’s easy to get in and out of,” said Becky Snyder.

Which is pretty much what the city’s Parking Department says a rate increase is needed for.

Not that everyone agrees, especially when it’s already a reach to meet current rates.

“They’re high enough,” said Joe Briggs.

“And that’s making it pretty rough on the people. You won’t be able to park anywhere,” said Lamont Washington.

“The parking is crazy. I pay a lot for parking down here. That’s why I take the subway down here,” said Fabian Bunston.

But there is a city garage where the prices could come down–provided schedules accommodate. It’s the garage on St. Paul Street. Nearby residents who use it could see their monthly bills drop from $200 to $90, if they can keep their cars out between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., making room for more cars and fees during business hours.

A decision on raising the rates could come as soon as Wednesday, when the city’s Board of Estimates meets.


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