Former Maryland Terrapins Men’s Basketball coach Gary Williams joined Ed & Steve to talk about all the madness surrounding this years NCAA tournament.

Steve asked Gary if he would rather be out playing golf or parked in front of his tv watching the NCAA tournament. Gary said he would rather be watching the tournament, because he didn’t get to watch it as much when he was a coach.

Steve asked Gary what is better for a program winning the NIT or making it to the NCAA tournament and getting knocked out in the first round. Gary said you’ve had a much better season if you make the big tournament, but if you make the NIT especially with a young team the experience can be incredibly valuable.

Ed asked Gary if Florida Gulf Coast can beat Florida this week. Gary said of course they can they already beat Georgetown, though he did say it will be very tough because Florida has had a few days to really scout FGCU and figure out weaknesses.

Steve asked Gary who is his current pick to win the NCAA Championship. Gary said he has been really impressed by Michigan and the way they’ve played so far, saying “they’ll be a tough out.”

Ed asked Gary how he thinks Maryland will fair with the move to the Big Ten upcoming. Gary doesn’t see any reason why the Terps can’t go into the Big Ten and compete immediately. He believes Turgeon will recruit well and that the Terps will not be afraid to go play these Big Ten teams.

Finally Steve asked Gary about Coach K’s comments that Maryland wasn’t a rival of Duke’s and if they were they would be staying in the ACC. Gary said he understood why Coach K would say that and that it was probably based more on anger and frustration over the loss than actually taking a shot at Maryland. Gary went on to say that if he was still at Maryland and Duke was leaving he would be upset and probably have some comments for them.


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