By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Long lines at security can make traveling a headache. Now, the TSA is allowing more people to pass through at BWI quickly–without compromising safety.

Jessica Kartalija explains how it works.

BWI added their TSA pre-check program last year for travelers who commute for work. Now active military are allowed to use the service, as well.

At BWI, one card means bypassing a long line for a shorter one.

Lisa Farbstein is with TSA.

“We are allowing active-duty members of the military to use our pre-check line to go through security if they have a common access card,” Farbstein said.

Shoes stay on and laptops don’t have to be removed from their case. Jackets and belts stay on, too.

“When we travel, especially if we are on temporary duty, we have computers we travel with, books, documents we need. This is great for military or anyone with a CAC card,” said Adrian Rivera, U.S. Air Force.

Just to be clear, though, they are pre-checked, which means they are pre-screened. They still have to go through the metal detectors and their bags must pass through the X-ray machines.

“It’s expedited screening. You get to go through a lot faster and it’s more convenient,” Farbstein said.

Tal Carmel has a CAC card.

“As you can see, the line is really long and my flight is in an hour. Just knowing that I can do this is really convenient for me,” Carmel said.

Active military with a CAC card are also now allowed to meet family and friends at the gate.

“They’re doing us a justice. Let’s make it easier for them,” said John Fabrizio.

Members of the military do not need to be in uniform to pass through TSA pre-check. They just need their CAC card.

Other local airports–Reagan National and Dulles–also have TSA pre-check.


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