(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I had the fortune of going to the Elite 8 game between Syracuse & Marquette in DC and sit three rows off the court behind the ‘Cuse bench and HOF’er Coach Jim Boeheim.

What a cool thing.

Not having an interest one way or another with who wins was fantastic too. I just wanted fantastic hoops. Some would say I saw terrible hoops. Most in fact. I can’t say they are wrong but the masses that saw the game did so via a television.

While TV gives angles I may not have had, I had the environment that almost no one did. The atmosphere was terrific and the seat location topped it off. The display of length, hustle & athleticism made it a great game to me.

You see, for me, nothing is better than live sports, I grew up with a sports crazy family, live sporting events were my life and still are. What you saw at home was terrible shooting and low scores… I have a memory forever, the noise of the crowd and young giants colliding in air.

The experience at home is couchtastic and cost affective but for me it will never replace going to see sports in person, to feel the moment. Syracuse and Marquette was a prime example.

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