ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The issue of guns is front and center in Annapolis. The Maryland House of Delegates has passed the preliminary gun control bill, which means that it has passed the second reader. The final vote is Wednesday.

Denise Koch says the State House was packed with spectators during the six-hour debate.

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Republicans attempted to strip a requirement that would require those who want to purchase guns get fingerprinted but were unsuccessful.

The massacre at Newtown had Marylanders debating their own future.

Saying what they need to say is exactly what’s happening in Annapolis Tuesday. Rallies in favor and against gun control were held in March.

“We got to kill this bill,” said Senator Nancy Jacobs.

Now both sides have moved from the rally to the gallery, watching members of the House debate the issue.

“The problem is getting worse and worse and more and more frequent and something needs to be done,” said one.

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“We have just been a culture of gun violence and we need to stop it in some way,” said another.

“You’re talking about lethal firearms. Think of everything we go through just to own a car,” said a third in favor of gun control.

And it touched off tempers.

“They’re using the deaths of students for their political gain. I don’t agree with it,” said a gun control opponent.

“There isn’t one significant thing that will do anything to curb crime,” said another.

“They’re turning a deaf ear. We’re getting louder,” said a third.

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The bill will likely go to referendum.