Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot joined Ed & Steve to try to clarify the Towson baseball situation.

Steve asked the Comptroller about Governor O’malley’s bailout for Towson baseball. Peter said that while the governor’s heart is in the right place this is a very bad idea that opens up taxpayers to a tremendous fiscal situation. Peter said Towson should be told what every other school in the state is told, manage your budget properly and pay for these yourself without help from taxpayers.

Ed asked why baseball was reinstated and soccer was not. Peter said it was not the governor’s job to pick one sport over the other, and that if Towson’s athletic director can’t stay within their budget then they need a new athletic director. Peter then went on to tell a story of watching a game at Navy and how schools don’t need to be national ranked to be entertaining.

The Comptroller then went on to say that Towson took the low road of selling this to people by disguising all of this as a title 9 issue, which it is not.

The comptroller went on to say that the soccer team never got their voice generated as loudly as baseball and that is one of the reasons baseball was saved and soccer was not.



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