By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A moving memorial was held Sunday at the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center.

Mary Bubala reports it was for families who lost loved ones to traumatic injuries this past year.

Music marked the beginning of a program to mark the end of patients’ lives.

Shock Trauma invited families to come together in remembrance of loved ones who did not make it through a traumatic injury, even when the staff at Shock Trauma did everything they could to save their lives.

“It allows us to again interface with those families. You know, at the time of their family member’s death, it was just awful. This is just a little perhaps less awful, we hope, and it allows us to reconnect and re-bond,” said Dr. Thomas Scalea. “We hope it’s helpful for them. We know it’s helpful for us.”

The names of the victims were spoken as family members were given a pink rose.

One parent paid tribute to his son CJ who did not make it despite intense efforts of the staff at Shock Trauma.

“It’s a moving on,” he said. “There is no closure to this. It will never heal completely but bringing up his memories will help us move forward.”

Shock Trauma cares for more than 9,000 patients with traumatic injuries each year.

Mary Bubala


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