DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ)—A Mo’s Seafood employee is shot while closing the restaurant during an early morning armed robbery. Now police are hunting down the pair behind the violent incident.

Christie Ileto explains why staff members say the victim is lucky to be alive.

Tuesday is the victim’s birthday, and his co-workers say someone must have been looking out for him.

Staff members say the Mo’s Seafood manager was celebrating his birthday Tuesday morning while they were closing up. Now, he’s celebrating being alive after police say he was shot in the chest during an armed robbery at work.

Officers say before 1 a.m., two masked men entered, holding up five employees in front. The other suspect forced the manager into the back, where a scuffle ensued and the manager was shot in the chest. The suspects then took off with cash.

“I just missed it,” said Richard McDowell.

McDowell is a regular at the restaurant. He says he left shortly after they sang happy birthday.

“Very frightening being that I was just minutes from possibly being a victim or even seeing it,” McDowell said.

But Mark Edwards says birthday blessings saved his co-worker’s life.

“Today is his birthday. Somebody was looking out for him that’s for sure,” Edwards said. “He’s doing fine, releasing him today, leave the bullet in him and get it at a later date.”

Staff say the suspects walked in through the front door just like any other customer would, and that they initially didn’t look suspicious because the evening manager had seen the pair here before.

“The manager had seen them before, so I guess they were scoping out the place,” a staff member said.

Management is adding surveillance cameras, and beefing up evening security to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Staff says the manager is expected to return to work next week.

Police say the suspects are two black males: one large build, the other thin build. Both were wearing bandanas and dark clothing.

If you have any information, contact Baltimore County Police.