John MaGinnes of the PGA Tour Network and the Back Nine Network joined Glenn Younes for two segments of the “Glenn Younes Show” on Wednesday night. This is the second segment of the two part interview. Glenn and John spoke for a couple minutes talking about the Champion’s Dinner and Bubba Watson’ choice, which was a rather basic one of Grilled Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, with cornbread and confetti cake. Both railed on Bubba for his choices, but it was all in fun.

Glenn and John then went on to speak of the new rule changes on the PGA Tour. The cut line changed from 44 to 50, Glenn and John don’t really find issue with the new cut line, which allows more players to gain notoriety on the tour. “If tiger would have missed the cut and gets to play on the weekend, fantastic everyone wins”. Glenn and John also covered the changes to the Master’s qualification criteria.

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John gave his idea on the Asian Amateur Champion to play the Master’s. “Its fine with me because it’s not like he’s taking a spot, when you realize it from that stand point, it’s pretty cool. He is playing with Ben Crenshaw; he’s playing it like a 14 year old, it’s fun.”

John and Glenn wrapped up their interview with the obvious Tiger question. Glenn asked if Tiger could win the Master’s and catch Jack Nicklaus’ major record. John simply put it “I think this is the most important major to Tiger’ career if he wants to get to 18. All the elements are in the right place”.

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