It seems like just yesterday Red Sox fans were strutting around Camden Yards like they owned the place. For the long suffering fans in orange this New England bunch edged the Yankee fans on the most obnoxious visitors list. As much as Baltimore fans despised this pompous bunch of Chowder Heads the local 9 offered little resistance on the field.

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Heck it was only 4 years ago that the Red Sox won 16 of the 18 games in the season series with the Orioles.

It’s hard to belt out a few verses of “Orioles Magic” to the knuckleheads in your section when the home team is getting beat like a drum. Now fast forward and repeat after me “there is a Baseball God.” Yes, the worm has turned and how sweet it is. The Orioles just left Fenway Park smiling and have now won 6 of their last 7 series in Boston.

Buck’s Birds have won 9 of their last 12 games at Fenway, overall they’ve whipped the Sox 21 of the last 30 and how! Remember last May when Chris Davis had a rough day at the plate and Buck decided maybe it was his day to pitch. The Deputy threw 2 shutout innings and got the WIN when Adam Jones hit a dramatic homer in the 17th inning. Crazy Oriole Magic as the Birds scored their first Fenway sweep in 18 years. Revenge for the Mothers Day Massacre!

Last October, yes that was the Orioles in the post-season and the Red Sox sitting at home with 93 losses and a last place finish. This week at Fenway the Sox win game one of the series, in game two Boston is a strike away from handing the Orioles their 4th straight loss, but hold the phone Mr. Hanrahan. I’d like to introduce you to Ryan Flaherty, sure he’s 0 for his last 29. Pow! base hit to left, a walk here, a walk there, a wild pitch and then Manny Machado, he’s not old enough to have a beer, with a heavenly 3-run game winner into the Monster Seats. Birds win! Birds win!!

A night later another Orioles win in Boston amid signs that the Red Sox Nation could be cracking from these Bird droppings. Wednesday the Fenway sellout streak ends, Thursday the smallest crowd in nearly 10 years paid to watch the latest Orioles win in Boston. Lets keep playing this song for 14 years and see how many Red Sox fans make the trip to Charm City.

Thank you Baseball Gods.


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