BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There is a new program in town that proves you are never too young to appreciate music.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has launched its Music Box series and, as Tim Williams shows us, young ears are getting tuned in to the arts.

It’s a new concert series for the very young, aimed at babies and toddlers six months to three years and their families.

“They’re listening. They’re paying attention and we know that music is so important to the growth of babies and young children,” said BSO vice president of education and community engagement Carol Bogash.

This inaugural Music Box series is highly interactive and engaging. It creates a musical and movement experience while encouraging musical, motor and language development.

“More than the motor skills, I love the appreciation and exposure to…classical music. This is a great age. They just soak everything in,” said Jiho and Johanna from Bolton Hill.

Each concert at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall is 30 minutes long. Featured is acclaimed dancer, actress and storyteller Maria Broom.

“It’s a good way of training them to be a good audience to just focus. And even the ones that are dancing, kind of wiggly, they’re still focused. So that was a good thing. So whether the music, the sight, or the sound, it works,” Broom said.

Broom, along with a small ensemble of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians, engage the young ones to discover music through clapping, listening, dancing, singing and other kid stuff.

“He loved the music. When he wasn’t climbing the steps, he was dancing and clapping his hands, so I think it was a success,” said Amy and Jackson from Joppa.

“Children are the most honest audience you have. They react immediately. If they like what you’re doing, they show it. Adults don’t do that and children do because they don’t know the rules yet. I love playing for kids,” said BSO violinist Ellen Pendleton Troyer.

The series continues through June.

For a link to the Music Box series, click here.


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