BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s crunch time. Tax Day is Monday and thousands of Marylanders have yet to file their income taxes.

Jessica Kartalija reports help is on the way.

According to the IRS, 50 million Americans wait until April to start working on their tax returns. If this is you, you’re in luck.

“We are not the IRS. We are the comptroller of Maryland. We bend over backwards to make things easy for people,” said Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Franchot is offering free tax services to last-minute filers at 12 branches throughout Maryland. To participate, you must have a completed federal tax return.

“We can prepare your state taxes as long as you have your federal return already prepared because we take the information for your state tax from your federal tax,” said branch manager Patricia Hill.

If you’re filing a paper return, make sure to check the hours of the post office. Due to budget cuts, many won’t be staying open as late as they have in past years. And if you just can’t get those taxes in on time, the IRS says you can file for a six- month extension right on their website.

“If you are actually defrauding the state, watch out–we will be tough on you. But if you are simply a victim of a soft economy and have trouble paying taxes, we are going to bend over backward to help you,” Franchot said.

For a complete list of tax assistance centers, click here.


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