By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It’s a major retail development and it’s rising on Boston Street. Canton Crossing will feature some familiar store names.

Ron Matz reports one of them is a fast food favorite that will open its first full-service location in Baltimore City.

On busy Boston Street, Canton Crossing will soon be a retail reality.

“It’s a dynamic neighborhood. I think people are going to be interested, and they’re going to be good customers,” said Christina Hofmann, Canton resident.

The new shopping center will feature Target, Harris Teeter, Old Navy, Michaels craft store and much more. Just announced, Chick-fil-A will be opening its first full-service Baltimore City location.

“Canton is a great place to live and do your business, and I would hope Chick-fil-A brings more business into the area and more people into the area. The roads can handle it. It’s not a big deal,” said Scott Lucas, who works in the Canton area.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 shows you the big tract of land where it’s happening. It was owned by ExxonMobil.

“I think it’s great. They’ll be hiring people. It’s already congested so you may as well have the kind of facilities that people need,” Lucas said.

Around the square in Canton there’s a lot of talk about what’s going on a couple of blocks away.

“I just know it’w bringing a lot of different stores that will be more accessible than going outside of the city, so it’s good I think,” said Alexa Garcia, Canton resident. “It’s nice not to have to travel 20 to 30 minutes outside the city to go to a Target.”

This development covers a total of 31 acres. It’s scheduled to open this fall.

“Commerce is good, and I’m for it,” Hofmann said.

Developers say Canton Crossing is now 85 percent leased.