BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Several Maryland runners were in Boston for the marathon Monday when the explosions occurred.

Adam May speaks to some Marylanders who ran in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

“I like it’s an individual sport,” said Megan DiGregorio.

DiGregorio, a White Marsh native, has been a competitive runner since her teens and a track team captain at Towson University. But memories of her first Boston Marathon are now tarnished by the terror attack.

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“I felt very nauseous. That could have been me. I could have been one of those people injured or helping other people,” she said. “Every time I see it on the news, it brings back the memory that right at the finish line, I was there.”

In fact, she left the area just minutes earlier when she and a friend heard the blast.

“We just said goodbye and I looked down the road and we saw the explosions and smoke. Then we heard it again. At first, we’re like, they’re celebrating for the Marathon; it’s Patriot’s Day. But when the second went off, we knew something wasn’t right,” she said.

Ryan McGrath was another Baltimore runner who was in Boston. He crossed the finish line about an hour before the attack.

“The moment that stuck out for me: a teenage girl, maybe college age, came running by in tears for a parent or somebody and just saying something to the effect of, `When you see the news, don’t freak out. I’m OK,'” he said.

Both McGrath’s group of runners and DiGregorio’s friends at the Falls Road Running Store plan to run in Boston again.


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