CBS News correspondent John Miller joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Bombings in Boston at the Boston Marathon. Last Friday after a joint effort from the FBI and the Boston Police the remaining suspect from the Boston Marathon Bombing was captured.

Ed started off by asking about the case the FBI had open on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The FBI had no relevant hits on him that tied Tsarnaev to committing any crime or terrorist attacks and sent it back to the Russians.

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Steve asked about Tsarnaev traveling to Russia with an alias. Miller said there wouldn’t any reason for him to do that but he wasn’t 100 percent sure.

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Steve asked about Tsarnaev YouTube channel and some of the videos being posted. Miller said you have to have the idea that someone is plotting because in America people are protected to post what they want. They can’t be spied on for no reason there has to be concrete evidence.

Ed asked if there was any indication where they got their weapons from. Miller said the grenades were improvised to make mini pipe bombs. He said that if you go to Al-Qaeda’s online magazine Inspire there seems to be a page that shows how to make the weapons they used.

Steve asked about Tsarnaev’s communication in the hospital since he was captured. It is said that Tsarnaev is being cooperative and that he is writing the answers to their questions.

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