Freelance journalist Trent Rosecrans joined Ed & Steve to talk about an article he wrote about Teddy Kramer who is the Cincinnati Reds bat boy.

Steve asked him to tell us what happened. Trent said a young man with down syndrome who is a big Reds fan got the chance to be the bat boy after his parents bid for the opportunity last year. The young man turned out to be Teddy Kramer. During the game this past Friday for Reds Teddy told Todd Frazier “I love you” and later told him to hit a “home run” and then Frazier did in the same inning he was asked to.

Trent said it was a really touching moment, but it wasn’t the only thing Teddy asked for. He wanted 11 runs and 11 strikeouts so he could get free pizza.

To finish off the interview Steve asked about Todd Frazier. Trent said how Todd is a good guy from New Jersey who is genuine, a good player and just a good person.


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