BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A group of young demonstrators marched throughout South Baltimore this weekend.

Gigi Barnett reports the anti-bullying rally will visit other cities this summer.

Neighbors could hear the chants from blocks away. They’re the youngest demonstrators rallying to end bullying and violence. With a police escort, they walked through the streets of South Baltimore.

Most of them belong to the Boys & Girls Club in that community and organizers of the Peace and Love Campaign rally say Baltimore is the first stop for the march, which will hit several other cities this summer. The message is clear: speak out against bullies and senseless violence.

“One person begins to see something and tell. Stop it and not taking pictures and putting it on YouTube. Then we’re doing our job,” said march organizer Michelle Guess.

“For me, I was really just a weird, strange kid,” said fashion designer Stevie Boi.

Now, Boi says he’s taken those qualities that his childhood bullies used to tease him about and turned them into a positive. He designs eyewear for supermodels and stars like Lady Gaga.

Boi says he jumped at the chance to speak to kids at the rally to encourage them to stand up to bullying, especially if they see it happening to someone else.

“It makes a big difference. I feel like if you see something, you should report it because you never know, you can save someone’s life. Now these children are taking their lives based on not being acknowledged,” Boi said.

After this weekend, the rally moves to other cities including Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York.

After their march, the children were treated to lunch at the Brooklyn O’Malley Boys & Girls Club.


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