BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A study released this week confirms what some drivers have complained about for years. Baltimore’s traffic ranks as some of the worst in the nation.

Gigi Barnett explains the gridlock may be a side effect of an improving economy.

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The bumper-to-bumper gridlock grind of Baltimore’s commute has frustrated some drivers.

“It’s been getting worse it seems like every year,” said driver Sam Ditmar.

Now a new national study released this week backs it up. Baltimore ranked in the top 20 areas with the worst traffic.

“You can’t get in or out. I mean, it is really bad out there, and I’m like, `Um, no,'” said driver Michael Reese.

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“We’re finding workers all taking the same route every day,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Christine Delise.

Delise says unlike larger cities, Baltimore lacks much public transportation going to and from the suburbs where many people live.

But while the study ranked Baltimore number 17 and drivers here spend nearly 26 hours behind the wheel every year, the survey also found there’s a slight uptick–about four percent–in the amount of traffic nationwide.

Delise says that can signal people finding jobs and an economy on the mend.

“More people going back to work, taking to the roads daily. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing an increase now in more traffic congestion,” Delise said.

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While Baltimore made the bad traffic list, the nation’s capital ranked ninth and Los Angeles consistently takes the top spot.