WINDSOR MILL, Md. (WJZ) — A man is brutally beaten outside a local restaurant. And now the shocking video seen on WJZ is sparking a major Baltimore County police investigation.

Derek Valcourt has more on the ongoing search for the suspects.

Investigators weren’t aware of that video until WJZ brought it to their attention. Now it is a key piece of evidence.

At least four people can be seen repeatedly punching and kicking a man on the ground who already appears to be unconscious. One woman even appears to hit him with some hammer-like object.

It all happened around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in front of the popular Windsor Inn restaurant and nightclub as some bystanders called for the fight to end.

The group attacked a second man. Police say that victim never went to the hospital. They don’t even know who he is.

Police say the victim lying on the ground says he doesn’t know why the fight started.

“He turned and some people were attacking the female that was with him. And then all of the sudden somebody hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground and knocked him unconscious,” said Lt. Robert McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

Managers at the Windsor Inn refused to speak with WJZ about the videotaped beating. Several customers also declined.

The video goes on to show two suspects rummaging through the unconscious man’s pockets and stealing items. The man lays there for more than a minute in and out of consciousness as cars drive by.

In all, three people were assaulted–two men and a woman. Police call the video key evidence in the attack.

“The video we’re hoping will assist us in identifying the suspects in this case. And once again, anyone that might have information or might know the suspects in this video, we’re asking them to give us a call,” McCullough said.

Police are also trying to find not just the suspects, but also the third unidentified victim.

Baltimore County Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them at 410-307-2020.