ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — There are growing allegations in the political enemy files ordered by Anne Arundel County’s former county executive. Now, new recordings may prove the former police chief knew what was happening and didn’t stop it.

Meghan McCorkell has the surprising new details.

Those shocking new audio tapes indicate Chief James Teare didn’t just know about the enemy files–he helped compile them!

Former police chief James Teare has never publicly spoken out about the abuse of his officers for disgraced County Executive John Leopold. Leopold used his security detail to compile dossiers on his enemies.

Now, in new audiotapes obtained by the ACLU, one of the members of that detail claims Teare–referred to as “the colonel”–not only knew about the files but reviewed them.

In the interview, Corporal Howard Brown says, “I think I gave a copy to him to give to the colonel because the colonel wanted to see it before it was given to the executive.”

Major Edward Begin asks him, “And the colonel wanted to see a copy of it?”

Brown replies, “Before it was given to the executive.”

Last March, Teare asked state police to investigate the dossiers, but the recordings allege he was involved in making them.

“And I had discussed that with the colonel. I think I discussed that with you as well, but I know I discussed that with the colonel,” Brown said.

Now the ACLU wants Teare named in a lawsuit.

“The person why could say no, the person who should have said no and the person who not only didn’t say no but was directly involved was James Teare,” David Rocha with ACLU Maryland told WJZ.

Teare suddenly retired from the police department in the summer, ending any criminal investigation against him.

Councilman Jamie Benoit says he should still face accountability.

“Even though he’s the former chief, I think it’s really, really important for him to answer some of these allegations. They’re pretty serious,” Benoit said.

Now, a judge will determine if the former chief could be forced to talk.

Teare did testify before a grand jury in the Leopold case, but that testimony is not public.

The ACLU is suing John Leopold on behalf of 11 people who were allegedly on his enemies list.


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