(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Baltimore Sun columnist Kevin Cowherd joined Zinno on Last Call to talk about the blossoming career of Manny Machado. Coming off a successful 11-game road trip, Machado has made a name for himself. “He’s just proving he is a boundless talent,” said Cowherd. The guys talked about how well Machado has been hitting in the 2-hole. “The guy has a good eye. He’s 20 years old – we forget how old he is, but he’s got a great eye,” Cowherd boasted.

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Baseball sabermetricians talk about wins against replacement, or WAR, and both guys agree that Machado is the total package. Cowherd said, “Now he’s proving that he’s an all-around player. Power. He hits for average. He’s fast. And I go back to his defense. His snap throw to first is as good as I’ve ever seen.” Machado has displayed a sense of maturity beyond his age. He has total poise and a super-star mentality. But he’s very comfortable. “He’s not in awe of being in a major league clubhouse. He feels like he belongs,” said Cowherd.

The guys talked about the Orioles start this season. Zinno argued that the Birds don’t have that many holes despite what fans think. “They have won 7 of 10 series this season. That’s how you get to the post season,” remarked Cowherd. The Birds continue to stay in striking distance in the AL East through the first month-plus. They are right where they want to be and need to be.

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