I have been watching a ton of NBA games through out the season and into the playoffs and i feel like interest in these games has been down. I think the injuries down the stretch and in the playoffs have hurt the ratings. Russell Westbrook being injured is upsetting because i believe fans would really like to see the Heat play the Thunder. We have seen injuries to David Lee, Danilo Galinari, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich,Blake Griffin and the talk with Derrick Rose hasn’t stopped.

As far as predictions go, you have to like the Heat’s chances to win the whole thing. The West is wide open. With all the injuries and the fact the home court advantage has shifted back to the lower seed gives them in advantage in the series. In my opinion, the Grizzlies are the only team that can give the Heat a run for their money. I believe the Grizzlies strengths are the Heat’s weakness. With that being said, I’ll take the Heat to win the whole thing.