The Executive Editor of Golf World Magazine Ron Sirak joined the Norris & Davis Show to talk about The Players Championship this past weekend.  At the event Tiger Woods pulled away late to win with a -13 for the weekend.

Steve asked if Ron was right in the thick things when the event took place. Ron said yes he was and he was right by Tiger when the incident happened. He said that part of a golf championship test is overcoming tough obstacles.

Bob wanted to know about Sergio’s reputation as a whiner. Ron basically said he does and the Tiger said “Sergio was being Sergio” which isn’t a good thing. He also said Tiger and Sergio have a little bit of history between one another.

Steve brought up the 17th hole and Sergio putting the ball in the water. Ron thinks Sergio kind of had a brain fart because you need to play the hole the way Tiger did.

Ron told the guys he thinks that Sergio is way too talented not to have a major, but his biggest problem might be the five inches between his ears.

Steve asked about Tiger’s recent form. Ron said that recently he hadn’t played well on this course but he played very well over the weekend. He said this could be a good preview of what he could see at the British Open.

Steve then asked how many majors will Tiger win. Ron said he thinks at least one but there is still a shred out doubt out there and he needs to prove himself. Ron believes if he going to win its going to be at the U.S. Open or the British Open, but it wouldn’t shock him if Tiger didn’t win any major this year.

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