BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City police officer who is accused of shooting and killing his son’s mother remains in jail. WJZ has now obtained the 911 calls made after police say he fired a single shot from a second floor window, killing the woman instantly.

Rochelle Ritchie has more.

The calls may be hard for some to hear but they paint a gruesome picture that unfolded the night Baltimore City police had to apprehend one of their own.

On May 7, a 911 call for help came into Baltimore City police.

“My girlfriend and her boyfriend are fighting. I hear her screaming and crying. The baby’s in the house and she says, `Call the police,'” said the call.

Police rushed to the West Baltimore home, shared by Kendra Diggs and veteran police officer James Smith. The door was locked, but Diggs could be heard screaming for help.

That’s when police kicked in the door.

“I can’t make sense of it,” said one neighbor.

Diggs frantically ran out of the house, her face covered in blood. She fell into the arms of an officer when a gunshot fired from the second floor window, hitting Diggs, who fell to the pavement.

“She’s on the ground in front of her door. Police ran after whoever it was,” said a caller. “All of them ran to get whoever was shooting out of the house.”

“Is she bleeding?” an operator asked.

“She’s bleeding. Flat on the ground; lots of blood out here,” said the caller.

Investigators say the gunman who fired that fatal shot was Diggs’ fiance, veteran police officer James Smith.

“The bedroom window come open. I heard a shot and I looked again and she dropped to the ground,” said a caller. “Oh my God, please somebody save her.”

Diggs would die, leaving behind two sons, including a four-year-old shared with Smith. Smith would then barricade himself in the house with their son. For five hours, police negotiated with one of their own to come out of the house with his hands up.

“We just gave it time. We had our psychologists speaking with him, just trying to calm him down and calm down the scene,” said Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Friends of Diggs remain in disbelief that she is gone.

“My heart was hurt. Another sad incident,” said a friend.

James Smith is now being charged with first degree murder and being held without bond.

Diggs was a bus driver for MTA for 13 years.