BALTIMORE (WJZ) — On this Memorial Day, we pause to honor those no longer with us, and thank those who made it back to us.

As Mike Schuh reports, the sister of one fallen veteran is helping those who returned.

Chris Coffland never made it back from his first tour. A roadside bomb got him, just two weeks after deploying to Afghanistan.

“We’re here today for Memorial Day celebration,” said his sister, Lynn Coffland.

Coffland is standing in a gym with injured vet Aaron Chesley.

“We’re very unique. We give free gym memberships to any injured post 9/11 veteran anywhere in the U.S.,” said Coffland.

The group is called Catch A Lift.

“‘Catch a lift’ is the phrase Chris said everyday when he was going to the gym. ‘I’m going to catch a lift,'” said Lynn.

Injured in his second tour in Afghanistan, Aaron Shesley, is benefiting.

“It helps though. I’m able to think better. I went through a lot of readjustment issues when I went home but through working out it helped me out,” said Shesley.

Recovery is often a marathon, not a sprint

This a chance to change, one workout at a time.

“Where they can do street exercise, build their body back up and feel good about themselves,” said Joshua Gerber of Brick Bodies.

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