BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) says it will temporarily suspend intake of dogs, due to an outbreak of respiratory infections among the shelter’s canine population.

The shutdown period will allow the BARCS veterinary team to treat all currently ill animals, and to ensure that the infection is not transmitted to any dogs not currently in the shelter.

“We’re currently seeing a much higher rate than normal of these serious respiratory infections in dogs, and we want to deal with the problem aggressively and make sure that as few animals as possible become ill,” said BARCS Executive Director Jennifer Brause. “This was a difficult decision and one not made without careful consideration of all options. We’re confident it’s the right thing to do for the better health of animals in Baltimore.”

The suspension will take effect June 3 and will end June 24.

That means BARCS will not accept any dogs for surrender until after June 24. This includes dogs surrendered by owners or any dogs found by individuals.

“We are asking people who have dogs they need to give up, to please hold on to them until the shutdown has ended, or to find alternate housing for this short period of time” said Brause.

Brause says people who find dogs can contact BARCS, which may be able to help identify other shelters or rescue organizations that can accept the animal.

Dog adoptions will continue as normal.

Cat adoptions and intake are not affected.

BARCS will maintain normal hours during the shutdown.


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