(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

A post-Memorial Day edition … which means it’s a day later than normal!

Top 6
1. Cardinals – yeah, they play baseball in St. Louis. They play it pretty well and have for a long time!
2. Rangers – even though they lost three in a row, they are still three games ahead of the A’s, who have won 4 in a row!
3. Red Sox – back on top of the AL East. In April, they won with pitching. In May, their winning with hitting.
4. Braves – 15-5 record at home. But just 15-15 on the road. That will need to change.
5. Yankees – CC Sabathia isn’t winning, but the team still is. Joe Girardi has been phenomenal to start.
6. Reds – they are pouring it on offensively and hitting their stride just as the calendar turns to summer.

4 stats
1. Manny Machado leads the league in doubles with 23. He is on pace for 78. That would be the MLB record. This just in, the kid is good.
2. There are four pitchers in the bigs who have still yet to lose a start, two at 8-0 – the Rays Matt Moore and the D-backs Pat Corbin – and two at 7-0 – Clay Buchholz of the Red Sox and Ma Scherzer of the Tigers.
3. CC Sabathia in April 43 IP, 42 H, 3.35 ERA in six starts. In May, 29.2 IP, 37 H, 4.85 ERA in five starts – zero wins.
4. Jim Johnson has had a rough go of things as of late (four blown saves in last five chances), Fernando Rodney has been just as bad with five blown saves this season and four in his last eight.

Bottom 3
1. Marlins – have scored 34 less runs (138) than the second-worst run scoring team in MLB, the Dodgers (172).
2. Astros – despite being 21 games under .500, they have outscored the Nationals, by 25 runs, who are a game over. 500.
3. Brewers – what an up and down season so far for this team. Two 5-game losing streaks and two 4-game losing streaks. They also have a 9-game winning streak.


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