ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ) — Many Rosedale businesses are still picking up the pieces. WJZ is getting a firsthand look at some of the damage caused from Tuesday afternoon’s train derailment and explosion.

Rochelle Ritchie takes a look inside some of the most damaged buildings.

Blown out windows, shattered glass. That’s what a lot of business owners along 66th and Biddle Street are now facing. Contractors have been out at ground zero boarding up windows and doors. The damage inside the buildings is very significant.

Local businesses on Biddle Street, just 100 feet from where an enormous explosion rocked the Rosedale area, are picking up the pieces and boarding up the damage.

“We have to stave off the exterior of the building so they can secure it,” said Joe Manos, contractor.

WJZ was able to get an exclusive walk-through of  one of the damaged buildings, Plumbers and Steamfitters’ training facility.

“And I thought the boiler blew up. I come running down and the closer I got to the office, the worse it was. And when I came in the office I thought, ‘Where are the bodies?'” said trainer Wayne Atkins.

The energy of the blast was so powerful windows blew out under its pressure, sending razor sharp pieces of glass flying.

“But it just blew everything. Look at the charred glass on the floor,” a worker said.

It was just before 2 p.m. when the work day was interrupted by the collision of a CSX train and garbage truck. Some of the staff were out to lunch, others were drawn outside by the sound of the impact.

“Fortunately, we all came out into the parking lot,” said Al Clinedinst, trainer director.

Ritchie: “So if it had not been for that noise…”

Clinedist: “We would have been at our desks, and there would have been some hurt people.”

The explosion could have caused serious injuries inside the building. One employee was actually out to lunch when the explosion happened, but you can see, she sits right in front of the window. When that explosion happened, glass shattered everywhere inside of her office.

The structure of the building is now in question, so school is out. It could be weeks before people are allowed back in.

“So lucky that nobody was in here. So lucky. God bless,” said Jay Lancaster, trainer.

The dollar amount has not been calculated just yet.

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