BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The beehives are back! This weekend, thousands ventured out for the annual celebration of all things Baltimore.

Gigi Barnett has more on this year’s Honfest.

It’s a celebration of Baltimore’s favorite lady: the cat’s eye glasses circa 1958, strings of pink pearls and, of course, a perfectly coiffed beehive. That’s a Hon, hon!

“You can’t [describe a hon]. I have tried. So what I do is I take pictures and send them down to people and hopefully they get it,” said Donald Williams.

Baltimore native Donald Williams lives in Raleigh, N.C. It’s his first year at Honfest; he came decked in a boa.

This weekend, Honfest 2013 kicked off on Hampden’s 36th Street. At this festival, hair rollers are part of the daytime attire and leopard print everywhere is a fashion statement.

“Why not have some fun and dress up? I love pink; she loves leopard print. It’s kind of perfect,” said Dru Harwood.

This year marks a big anniversary for the street festival: 20 years of all things Hon.

“As long as there is Honfest, we will never lose our Hons, hon,” said Cheryl Williams.

Denise Whiting created Honfest back in 1993. The number of visitors has swelled over the years.

“It’s really so much fun to just put your hair up, put your glasses on. You get to be someone who you wouldn’t normally be that day,” said Whiting.

And that keeps the Hon spirit alive and well.

Organizers say more than 25,000 visited Honfest this year.


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