BALTIMORE  (WJZ)– Severe weather wreaked havoc across Maryland. There were three back-to-back tornado warnings Monday evening. An earlier round of storms also caused major problems across our area.

Meghan McCorkell has more.

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It was a pretty scary sight for a lot of people: a water spout seen churning across the Patapsco River right at the city of Baltimore. From cell phone video, a man said, “That’s a tornado and I’m going right into it.”

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From I-95, you could see the swirling water spout as it moved across the Patapsco River.

Another cell phone video showed debris flying in the air as the funnel hit land.

Chrissy Schifkovitz shot the video from a half mile away.

“The sky just got really, really dark. It was raining a little bit before that. I mean, it looked like the world was ending,” she said.

“A lot of aluminum ripped right off this building,” said Captain Jeff Long.

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From Sky Eye Chopper 13, you could see the damage left behind. Part of the roof of a warehouse at the Port of Baltimore was peeled off by the heavy winds and tossed onto the ground. Port officials say the warehouse is used to store paper and no one was injured during the storm.

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At nearby Fort McHenry, dozens of visitors were evacuated Monday afternoon as the storm moved through.

“There were some funnel clouds spotted. We weren’t sure if it was in the park exactly. There was no damage that was noticed,” said Neil Heinlein with Fort McHenry.

Owners of cars in Darley Park weren’t as lucky. Drenching rains quickly flooded streets, sending some cars floating away.

In northern Baltimore County, more swirling clouds were spotted in the Kingsville area. The high winds and saturated ground took out a massive tree.

No injuries were reported in either Baltimore City or the county.

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In Canton, a Baltimore City police officer jumped into the high water to help those in a submerged car. No injuries were reported.