Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Terrell Suggs and Torrey Smith spoke with the media after Ravens players were presented with their 2013 Super Rings at a private ceremony that was held in the team’s indoor field house.


Image courtesy of Jostens, Inc.

Image courtesy of Jostens, Inc.

Lewis explained he was showing off his 2000 Super Bowl ring, because “It took me 12 years to get back and get another ring. I want them to cherish what this moment feels like right now while we’re world champs.” The emotions ran high for the players and coaches , knowing this is the last time they might ever be together, and Lewis finished his speech to the media by stating “Every year has something different going on [and] this one here; [there] was a lot of crazy injuries. There were things coming out of the woodwork for our entire team. For us to battle through everything that we been through, we showed a heck of a level of perseverance to keep going no matter what. Every time you looked at these men you knew they were going to do something special because we had each other’s backs.”

Every, Full time member of the organization received a ring – albeit different sizes from the players .

The team is in this spot because of leaders like Lewis, Suggs, Flacco, Ed Reed and Ray Rice. Players that been through the battles of 3 AFC title games and have waited for this moment ever since they came into the league. It was a special night, the icing on the cake, for what was a year that this franchise will never forget.

Suggs first thought when he opened the box and saw his ring was “Blood Diamonds, we gave up all that blood for these diamonds. “The journey was long, but it was worth it. But I will tell this, I damn sure want to feel like this again.” The team fought for a lot during the 2012 season. Which propelled them to exceed in the postseason and win the Super Bowl and these players know that they have to enjoy this moment because it is not every day that one can say there are Super Bowl champions. Many of the players could not hide their emotion in the heat of the moment one of those players was Torrey Smith.

Smith’s excitement was on dsiplay as he took in every moment of the event, when he was speaking with the media he could barley take his eyes off his ring and said “I didn’t cry or anything but I can see how women feel when they get a ring.” It was a special moment for everybody who was involved and the players will cherish this moment for the rest of their lives. Being Super Bowl champs it not an easy task to accomplish and these players know that and know the hard work they put into getting to where they are today. With now having their own personal hardware as an achievement for the success is special to them and it symbolizes a rich history and tradition of a select class of 49 Champions.