3 time Pro Bowl full back and now Super Bowl champ Vonta Leach was released by the Baltimore Ravens Tuesday June 11th and many are asking why now…It’s a multi-tiered answer.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Why a day before mandatory camp? Maybe they wanted Leach to enjoy the White House & ring ceremony the week prior without baggage weighing over his head.

Maybe they were stringing he & his agent out to show the lack of ripe free agent market, trying to convince camp Vonta to accept a pay cut.

Maybe his age of 31 (32 on Nov. 6th).

Maybe they wanted a few weeks of OTA’s to see what 4th round Harvard pick FB Kyle Juszczky was in person, albeit in shorts and a jersey with little contact.

Maybe that position is becoming less and less important and used in the wide open NFL.

Maybe OC Jim Caldwell doesn’t need a FB as much as was used in past, ie the shotgun formation with Flacco.

Maybe it’s a combo of them all but I know it’s not a surprise to those in the know. A 4.3 million dollar cap hit is not small potatoes when cutting him saved 3 million. So back to the question, why wait till June 11th and to that I say White House, rings and negotiations.

It’s a guess but the best guess I’ve got. Like they say in the God Father.. “Is not personal it’s business” and the mafia that is the NFL just cut another hitman, here’s hoping he finds work for a few more years.



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