JESSUP, Md. (WJZ) — Dangerous storms strike Maryland. From homes, to highways and the airport, people run for cover.

Meghan McCorkell has the worst of the damage in the area.

From Sky Eye Chopper 13, you can see the damage left behind in Jessup after the powerful storm tore through.

“It just started to, like, downpour and you could just circle the area. The trees were bent,” said Amber Boettcher.

Those trees wound up right on top of a truck in a driveway. Pool time will have to be postponed for another family.

“Actually, I was standing out in front of City Hall and I could see it coming down Sandy Spring Road,” said Mayor Craig Moe, Laurel.

The storm packed a hard punch in west Laurel.

“We heard the rain, we came out and it was a wall of water this way and a wall of water this way. And it was like they were colliding, it was almost like waves in the air,” said Tracy Roussin-Lally.

The winds picked a giant tree up right out of the ground. It sliced right through the center of a house.

To give you an idea of how massive that tree is, the uprooted roots stand about 12 feet tall.

Neighbors say the two people inside the home needed help getting out.

“It’s completely covered over their back door and, of course, their front door is covered. So I don’t think they could have just gotten out without assistance,” said Kim Lepore.

No one was injured, but the tree went all the way through the house into the basement.

Even with all the property damage, so far, there are no reports of injuries in either Prince George’s or Anne Arundel Counties.


Another hard hit area–Montgomery County. The National Weather Service is looking into a possible tornado touch down there.

Mike Hellgren talks to people who were caught in the fast moving storm.

The storm caused big damage in Olney and Rockville, blowing trees into homes and sending people running for cover.

“It started really fast and it was pretty intense. I think it was worse than that derecho thing we had the last time. So I ended up going into my foyer closet and talking to my sisters on the cell phone,” said Kim Coakley.

“The wind was incredible. I just stayed inside cause it was so strong,” a woman said.

Power was out to many homes off Norbeck Road, where huge trees snapped and people are now cleaning up the damage.

“You can just see the wall coming and cars in front of me stopped. But luckily, you could cut into the neighborhood and get in. I get in and my power flickered enough for me to run into the garage,” said Tracey Reeder.

A huge tree fell on a house. Neighbors tell WJZ the woman inside was nine months pregnant.

First responders rushed to neighborhoods. It was unclear whether a tornado or strong winds caused the damage.

“It was pretty terrifying, you just see the black. All the sudden you feel like you’re in Iowa,” Reeder said.

Thursday’s storms brought intense rain, high winds, hail and funnel cloud sightings.


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