BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Police are on the hunt for the culprits behind a series of  Molotov cocktails thrown in public areas, and even homes over the last three months.

The most recent incident happened jut two days ago.

Rochelle Ritchie has more from police and concerned homeowners.

No one has been injured during these attacks. However, the use of such explosives in the past has proven deadly in residential neighborhoods. Baltimore City Police are hoping to avoid any such tragedy.

Since April 29, Baltimore City Police have been called to 12 reports of incendiary explosive devices being throw at homes and in public areas.

“There have been no injuries and there has been very minimal property damage,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

The explosives are typically made up of bottles filled with a flammable liquid with a wick that is lit on fire.

“If they find these devices don’t touch them,” police said.

Baltimore City Police say the amateur devices are not very sophisticated, but still, the potential for serious injury, even death, is possible.

In 2012, Molotov cocktails were responsible for two fires in Northeast Baltimore, caught on cell phone video.

The fire injured seven people at an apartment complex–two of them critically. Eleven years ago, a family of seven died when their home was fire bombed.

“Anybody that can do this is a horrible person,” a resident said.

This year, the explosives have been used in various neighborhoods across the city, such as Forest Park Avenue, where landlord Norman Mullins and his tenants are hoping for an arrest soon.

“Very much concerned. Because like I said, this is my property and they might be thinking of me next,” Mullins said.

“Hearing something like that, I’m afraid because I wouldn’t want nothing like this to happen to my home where I have to live at with my family,” said Alicia Moore, tenant.

Police call the attacks random, but say the home of a Muslim family was damaged.

“We’ve talked to them at length, and we don’t know what that lead is just yet. That is the same incident as some other incidents, so we’re not saying if it’s a hate crime or not. We don’t know,” Sgt. Dennis Raftery, Baltimore City Police.

Police say the explosives are being used between midnight and 4 am.

If you have information on these crimes, you are asked to call police.


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